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New Security Competency Testing Program launched
This pre-license test has been designed to ensure that those seeking to gain employment as a Security Officer or Crowd Controller in WA can demonstrate the required knowledge and language skills.

DTWD launches new website
The Department of Training and Workforce Development has launched a new website to assist business.

Awards program puts training sector in the spotlight
14 February 2018
WA Training Awards applications now open for 2018
The program recognises hard work of trainees as well as trainers, organisations & employers

Report on VET Delivered in Schools in WA released
23 January 2018
A "Snapshot of VET Delivered in Schools 2017" has been produced by the Financial, Administrative and Professional Services Training Council.

Changes to payroll tax exemption for trainees announced
01 December 2017
Payroll tax exemption for traineeships to be limited to new employees saving about $100 million over the forward estimates

New course to skill next generation of female agricultural leaders
21 November 2017
The course covers biosecurity, technology, animal welfare, and business innovation, and is aimed at boosting participation of women in agriculture

New specialist training facility in Munster has extra edge
17 November 2017
New facilities to help students develop the skills required by oil and gas, chemical processing, engineering and resources industries

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