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Industry Training Packages represent national industry benchmarks for nationally recognised job outcomes in the vocational education and training system. They are an integrated set of nationally endorsed Competency Standards, Assessment Guidelines and Australian Qualifications Framework qualifications for a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise.

Training packages comprise:

  • Competency Standards: define the requirements for workplace performance. They are expressed in outcome terms (e.g. prepare a tender bid) and specify the knowledge, skill and application of same to the standards of performance require the workplace.

  • Assessment Guidelines: provide a quality assurance framework for accurate, reliable and valid assessment of the competency standards, ensuring that assessments are thorough, consistent and valid.

  • Qualifications: formal certification recognising that a person has achieved learning outcomes or competencies that provide a meaningful outcome at an industry or enterprise level. Qualifications generally comprise a number of core and elective units that industry consider workers require to be able to perform a particular job.


Vocational competency can be achieved in many ways, and Training Packages acknowledge this by emphasising (via units of competency) what a learner can do - not how or where they learned to do it. For example, some experienced workers might be able to demonstrate competency against the standards and gain a qualification without completing a formal training course (skills recognition or recognition of prior learning).

Training Packages servicing the Financial, Administrative and Professional Services Sectors are:

Business Services Training Package (BSB07)

The Business Services Training Package (BSB07) details qualifications and competency standards that are recognised nationally by industry and training regulators.


Overview of the Business Services Training Package
Endorsed date of original version: 6 March 2015
Status: Current
Version 2.0 approved 12 October 2015, released 14 January 2016


Number of qualifications: 58
Number of Skill Sets: 30
Number of competency standards: 551 (plus 65 units imported from other Training Packages)

Further information on the Business Services Training Package can be found on the PWC – Skills for Australia Website.


Financial Services Training Package (FNS10) 

The FNS10 Financial Services Training Package was developed after a full review of the FNS04 Financial Services Training Package which had its primary release as Version 1 on 22 November 2004. FNS10 supersedes FNS04 as the national Training Package which is recognised by industry, training and financial regulator.

The FNS10 Financial Services Training Package rationalises the units of competency and includes more imported units to reduce duplication. FNS10 qualifications increase to 52 to cover new industry specialisations and better reflect career and learning pathways.

Overview of Financial Services Training Package
Endorsed date of original version: 6 March 2015
Status: Current
Version 2.1 endorsed 12 September 2016, released 12 September 2016

Number of qualifications: 52
Number of Skill Sets: 2
Number of competency standards: 373 (plus 144 units imported from other Training Packages)

The Financial Services Training Package (FNS10) contains skills standards that apply to enterprises and individuals and to people working within the financial services industry. The finance industry is a major driver of Australia's strong economy, with more than $18 billion net flowing through the sector annually.


Further information on the Financial Services Training Package can be found on the PWC – Skills for Australia Website.

Property Services Training Package (CPP07)

CPP07 represents a significant phase in the development of Training Packages for the Property Services Industry, covering the skills needs of people within the Security, Property Development, Sales and Management (PDSM), Spatial Information Services (SIS), Asset Maintenance, and Access Consulting Sectors.

The qualifications framework and units of competency for the various sectors of the Property Services Industry have been traditionally presented in three separate Training Packages (Asset Maintenance, Asset Security and Property Development and Management). The formation of the CPP07 Training Package began a process of consolidating those three Training Packages into a distinctive Property Services Training Package.

The process commenced with the redevelopment of the industry sectors covered by the former Property Development and Management Training Package (PRD01 ), and the subsequent inclusion of the former Asset Security Training Package (PRS03) and Asset Maintenance Training Package (PRM04).

The CPP07 Property Services Training Package now includes the redeveloped qualifications framework and units of competency for the following sectors:

  • Property Development, Sales and Management (including business broking, property operations and development, real estate and stock and station agency sectors from the former PRD01 Training Package)
  • Spatial Information Services (including spatial information services from the former PRD01 Training Package)
  • Security (including security operations, technical security, investigative services, biometrics, and security and risk management sectors from the former PRS03 Training Package)
  • Asset Maintenance (including cleaning services, fire protection equipment, pest management, and waste management from the former PRM04 Asset Maintenance Training Package)
  • Access Consulting (including access consulting from the former PRD01 Training Package

Overview of Property Services Training Package
Endorsed date of original version: 28 August 2007
Status: Current
Version 14.5 endorsed 21 April 2017, released 1 May 2017

Number of qualifications: 50
Number of Skill Sets: 41
Number of competency standards: 648 (plus 250 units imported from other Training Packages)

Further information on the Property Services Training Package can be found on the Artibus Innovation website.



To purchase a copy of one of these training packages please contact the following suppliers:

Training Products Australia
(03) 9655 0600

PWC – Skills for Australia
1800 714 819

Artibus Innovation
(03) 6218 2841

How Can I Get More Information?
Visit the (TGA) website or contact the relevant Industry Skills Council: (TGA)

PWC – Skills for Australia
1800 714 819

Artibus Innovation
(03) 6218 2841

Department of Education and Training (DET)

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